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Too hot in Denver

Yesterday I got up at 5 am to photograph some sites that needed to be done again. I took the 6 am bus down to Denver, did the photographing in an hour, and then had a Bruegger’s bagel (first time). The light was diffused by the smoke from our numerous fires, so the shadows weren’t so deep. I re-did the one “corner” which is not a corner: looking straight down Wynkoop St. from 16th toward Cherry Creek. There was a viaduct there once, but it’s been taken down, of course. Tattered Cover on the left side, and EPA on the right side. Also, re-did the spot where Constitution Hall once stood: the burned building of 1978. Now it’s a parking lot. Poignant.

I have engaged a photographic printer in Boulder who will be matching the exhibition prints of ’37 and ’78. He is excellent, and I’ll be excited to see how they turn out. 

Over 100 degrees yesterday, probably today as well. It was a good incentive to get up really early and do the work in Denver. The whole week is mid to high 90’s. Eight fires currently burning in the state, and we’re waiting for Boulder to erupt (and praying it won’t happen again). At the very least the heat is really enervating and there’s no way I would venture out to photograph in downtown during the harsh light and shadows of mid-day. 

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