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The documentation for the project…

For several weeks now I’ve been entering data on a spreadsheet about each streetcorner for the three time periods, 1937, 1978-79, 2010-2012. Hopefully this will not only make it easier to identify the images themselves, but provide information on what buildings or other features existed at the times. I am struck by the plethora of painted signs on the sides of buildings in the 1930’s. LoDo has brought back and/or preserved many of these signs quite beautifully. One of our favorites, of course, is “SEEDS” (the Barteldes building across from Tattered Cover). The building appears in “Denver Then and Now,” by Joshua Dinar. The old view (circa 1910-1920) is taken from the 16th street viaduct. I just found one of my images from 1978-79 that shows both the 15th street and 16th street viaducts going over Wynkoop street. Barteldes is barely visible. The image accession number is 881, South on Wynkoop, East on 15th. I’ll scan the image for the blog.

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