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Solution to the zigzag structure

After consulting with three engineers, I can now safely assume that the zigzag structure on or behind Windsor Dairy in the 1937 photograph is a cooling unit of some kind. The 1929 Sanborn map for that part of Blake Street noted that there was an ice cream manufacturing unit in that part of the building and the word “condenser” is seen on the map as well for that site. Someone recently sold an image of the Windsor Dairy, c. 1947, on eBay. I missed the sale by a few days.

Sam and I are still conducting research at Denver Public Library, Western History Department. Librarian Bruce Hanson has provided us with incredible amounts of information, which we’re still sifting through. Yesterday, I photocopied the pages of the 1937 Denver city directory that pertain to each of the streets we’re working on. Now we know the names and addresses of all the businesses located on the streets, which will be extremely helpful in identification. I’m also entering a lot of that data into the spreadsheet that describes the project.

Sam and I dropped in to the new Historical Society/History Colorado library, and met one of the librarians there. I explained the project–its scope and progress–and received information about their use policies and how to obtain images of the old negatives. At this point, I’m not sure if we want scans of only some or all of the old images. For sure, Windsor Dairy will be one of them!!

On another front, I’ve decided to create a small personalized book of my railroad yard photographs, to be published by blurb.com. My photography teacher from Metro, Barbara Houghton, created a beautiful book using blurb, and I am inspired to do one of my own. The book will be entitled “Love Letter to the Railroad Yards,” and will feature 23 images plus text. This is riffing on my “love letter to Denver” idea; that’s how I think of the Rephotographic Project. More on that when things move along.

I’m not sure I’ll be posting many more photographs on this blog site. Apparently Google bought blogspot and is sweeping up images and information for their search pages from that site, among many others. I have mixed feelings about it.

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