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Published a photo book!

This past week I published a book! The one I planned to do through blurb.com: “Love Letter to the Railroad Yards.” The 30 or so photographs featured in the book came from my 1976-77 images of the yards in Denver, done with B&W infrared film (no longer made by Kodak). As I noted before, I was very passionate about trains in those days and particularly the yards in Denver…the yards which don’t exist anymore, at least behind Union Station. This is out of the scope of our rephotographic project, of course, but led to the project, which I undertook in 1978-79. I used to pass through LoDo on my way to the yards…with some trepidation, I might add. Streets largely deserted…some weird people hanging around…I usually hurried on to my subject of the time. Union Station was also deserted in those days and I often sat in there writing or just resting from a couple of hours photographing. It was a great time. I went out everyday and shot at least a roll of film; developed it in the evening and printed contact sheets (anyone remember those?!); and on Saturdays, would spend the whole day in the darkroom at Metro printing the best images. Then to class the next week with the finished product(s)…

I’m really proud of this work. Blurb.com did a great job. Used a premium paper–lustre–and was very very careful to prepare the photos in Picasa before uploading them to the Booksmart template. Yes, Picasa. I don’t have Photoshop–at this point. And I used scanned prints instead of negatives…my scanner has trouble with negs. Ah–post-production is beyond me. I can take great pictures…but I haven’t made the darkroom to digital leap yet. I will soon enough.

It’s Halloween 2012…we had 35 trick or treaters tonight…the most ever. I’m drinking hot carob milk and trying not to think about the upcoming election and what will happen if…

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