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Progress, progress, progress

I’m wrapping up the first round of documentation, which consists of filing all the xeroxes from 1937, the prints from 1978-79, and some (not all) prints from 2009-2012. The files are organized street by street. The documentation consists of entering information about landmarks in each photograph, noting the dates photographed in the 1970’s, any atmospheric and other information (sunlight, clouds, time of day), CD numbers, and any other information pertinent to the images. Not surprisingly, this takes a lot of time. In three weeks, I have logged 76 hours of work. The plan for this week is to print out contemporary images on regular paper for the 38 that were exhibited in the 80’s, research getting a printer (probably Epson), and try to make contact sheets on a scanner for all the film negatives–1970’s and current. Oh, and do more quality control with current images to be sure that we covered the correct corners. I plan to visit DPL, show my work to a librarian in Western History, and do some research with Sanborn Insurance Maps. Must identify that weirdo zigzag structure behind the Windsor Dairy!! Also, this week or next I will visit CHS (History Colorado) to see if I can obtain copies of some old images that I’m missing. Tonight, at a family gathering, I will propose that we schedule a small exhibit for the family–probably at our house–and invite critiques. It’s time to show off this project!!

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