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Progress and plans

Almost done with the Kickstarter script. Sam and I went over plans for the video and decided to use “Seeds” as a backdrop, for at least part of it. Wish that parking lot on 16th street wasn’t there. Denver parking lots: the bane of my existence since 1974! I’ll have to look at the older photos–not sure what was there before. Possibly a gas station.
Organized photos that we are going to repeat. Many of them were done during the summer months last year. Harsh shadows and totally washed-out streets. Streets are important parts of these photos, so they have to be right. Also, the view down Wynkoop street from 16th. We’ll be meeting at 7:30 on Friday morning to cover that view. The EPA building should have some nice light; hope it’s soft!
I’m also working on my book, “Love Letter to the Railroad Yards,” to be published by blurb. The question is, should I have Photocraft make the JPEG’s or should I do it at home on my own scanner?

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