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As I begin to photograph the streets again, I have come up with a few additional ideas about where this project might go. I’ve been inspired by the Maria Rogers Oral History community at the Carnegie Branch of the Boulder Public Library. At our meeting yesterday, Susan Becker presented a lovely, five-minute video she created as part of the Digital Storytelling Workshop in Denver (http://www.vimeo.com/14557606). The video is about her family of origin and a tribute to them. It’s deeply moving as well as inspiring. I hope to do one about my own family at some point.

Vimeo is a different program from youtube. Susan has been able to add some music from Philip Glass, for example, which cannot be done on youtube because of their robot crawler that identifies possible copyright violations.

Some folks have asked what I intend to do with this rephotographic project when all the photographs are completed. To start, I would like to augment with some oral history interviews, as I’ve noted elsewhere on the blog. Perhaps a few, perhaps more than a few, interviewing residents, developers, and folks who remember “the old days”–which could mean 1978.

I’d also like to produce a short video using Vimeo. Some Tom Waits, perhaps; he was very popular in the mid- to late-70’s, and he did visit Denver at least once, stopping in at the Terminal Bar. The album, “Nighthawks at the Diner,” would be appropriate. A stumbling block would be to obtain a license. I think it could set the mood very well. Dan and I reviewed other music ideas such as using Weather Report…appropriate for the late 70’s.

I will also have to get permission from the Colorado Historical Society to use the old images.

More on all this later.

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