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Infrared film and the railroad

I’ve been pulling out my old photos of the yards from 1976-1978. Not documentation per se, but an artistic treatment of the area, trying to find beauty in a fairly utilitarian, often ugly place. Watching a coal train the other day make its way on the mainline through the Central Platte Valley, eclipsed and dwarfed by the lofts and other buildings, I got a hankering to do some more infrared work and catch the view of the diminished railroad in its “new” urban setting.

Kodak doesn’t make infrared film anymore, just as the company knocked off Kodachrome this summer. But Rollei does, and not just in 35mm. 120 as well, so I can put my 1953 Rollei TLR to use again. It’s such a great camera.

I’m excited, but wary; in truth, I’m not hopeful. The place is cluttered. Will the long rays of autumn make up for the lack of railroad?

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