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First look at the 37 exhibit prints (draft version)

Today I printed out the 2009-2012 prints that correspond to the 37 that were exhibited in 1981. For the most part they look really good. A couple of them could use a re-do because of Denver’s harsh summer light. We may (gulp) finally go digital on at least a couple of them, as Chris recommended. Film has proven to be very expensive because we have to digitize the images anyway. Next time, there probably won’t be any film anymore the way things are going with Kodak.
I pulled out my old photo gear and I feel like I’m surrounded by Kodak Yellow…sad memories of a wonderful place to work (three summers in college). I learned photography there in the company’s darkrooms. Too bad the “Silver Halide Gang” didn’t see the digital handwriting on the wall…
This project was done completely with Plus-X. Just as in 1978-79.

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