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Earlier this week…

On 9/9/09, I walked Larimer, Arapahoe, Lawrence, Market and Wynkoop without the camera. Just wanted to see what was what. I started at 2:45 and ended at 4:45. After two hours my feet were exhausted from pounding the pavement.

Lots of traffic and new construction downtown and the air was icky. Surprised at the number of buildings pulled down on Market Street since ’78-’79.

This time around we will photograph every street corner, whether photographed or not in 1937 or 1978.

The D&F Tower used to be a good landmark, but you can barely see it anymore.

Park Central still stands between Lawrence and Arapahoe, 15th and 16th. That used to be the headquarters of the Rio Grande Railroad. In 1977 I went to Park Central to apply for a job as a brakeman. I had to pass through airport-style security to get to the railroad. The building had been bombed during the Vietnam War years.

The railroad turned me down for a job, as did the Union Pacific. D&RG’s reason was that my back “wasn’t straight.” (I had to go through a lower back x-ray). I do have a mild case of scoliosis. My father blamed my poor posture (in his opinion), but in reality one is born with scoliosis.

The real reason for the turndown was a letter from the Metro personnel office recommending me for a brakeman’s job. The sender stated that the railroad would never discriminate against a woman, of course. So my fate was sealed: I was a potential troublemaker.

I did get a job on the Rio Grande later, though–in Pueblo. The various terminals–Denver, Pueblo, Salt Lake, Grand Junction–were independent, and hired as they liked.

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