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Wynkoop St.

Almost done with the Kickstarter script. Sam and I went over plans for the video and decided to use “Seeds” as a backdrop, for at least part of it. Wish that parking lot on 16th street wasn’t there. Denver parking lots: the bane of my existence since 1974! I’ll have to look at the older […]

Yesterday I got up at 5 am to photograph some sites that needed to be done again. I took the 6 am bus down to Denver, did the photographing in an hour, and then had a Bruegger’s bagel (first time). The light was diffused by the smoke from our numerous fires, so the shadows weren’t […]

For several weeks now I’ve been entering data on a spreadsheet about each streetcorner for the three time periods, 1937, 1978-79, 2010-2012. Hopefully this will not only make it easier to identify the images themselves, but provide information on what buildings or other features existed at the times. I am struck by the plethora of […]

Today was a wonderfully cloudy day in Denver and Boulder; a few raindrops and some spectacular clouds visible north of the D&F Tower. I photographed the following: 1) 878 (Wynkoop railroad bridge, now a walking bridge). When I photographed this in 1978, I stood on the concrete bank of Cherry Creek. Now of course that’s […]

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