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I am putting the finishing touches on a deed of gift to use for the oral history interviews. The interviews will mostly be conducted in audio (that’s the current plan), but some will be in video. I hope to talk with some 90-plus year-olds who live or lived downtown, a businessman, and a structural engineer. […]

I am going to look into some fundraising opportunities through Kickstarter. It’s a grassroots opportunity to get support from people who believe in your project. I believe we will use it for printing costs, possibly usage costs, and other activities. As we approach the end of the photographic phase, it’s time to look into bringing […]

Yesterday came home from Denver around 11:00–still cold and it was drizzling in D. Dan and I decided to go back so I could finish up with Arapahoe and 18th/19th. Filtered sunlight. Realized that the footprints of the big buildings are so (OBVIOUSLY) big–duh–that the same buildings dominate many many photographs. Makes things a little […]

To Denver today. The weather is crummy, but cloudy, which means buildings can be seen from all sides without big shadows. Nonetheless, my hands were really cold and I think slowed things down. I had to go to Starbucks for coffee and to warm my hands. Wasn’t it 85 degrees a few days ago?I photographed […]

Glad to see some folks are viewing the blog! One of these days the project will be complete and Sam’s fine 2010-2012 photographs will all be available along with my 1978 photographs…all 215 of them!I’m happy to report he’s actually going to be working in Lower Downtown!!!! (Blake and 19th) Somehow fitting for the work […]

Moving forward with this project full speed. There are lots of details to take care of. For example, we have 40 prints from the old series (1937) that were done at the Historical Society. We have all my negatives and prints from 1978. Plus contact sheets. Plus documentation, folders and folders. Now we have negatives, […]

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Stopping at Daz Bog coffee near the Granite Building and in the hotel helps keep up the momentum. Also, Tattered Cover before the trip back to Boulder.

I’m glad to be writing again!

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