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post office

Walked down to look at old Post Office, which I think is the building appearing in some of the photographsBetween 18th and 19th on Champa Views shot on 10/16/10, between 2-3 pm 1. 999: Curtis and 18th?2. 0793. 075: Granite Tower4. 080: looking toward Cable Building, Arapahoe and 18th5. 057 : shot twice??6. 095: Central […]

Photographed on 10/16/10 (Saturday afternoon) Good light and beautiful day! Notes on images:1) Too much street in foreground with wide angle lens (continuing problem)2) Test lens at 50 mm (Retina Reflex lens setting in 1978)3) Bring handheld meter next time4) Reshoot 079, 075, 080 in black and white5) Old Colorado National Bank building–federal style (between […]

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