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Photo Projects

Photographs of the Railroad Yards of Denver 1976-1978

This photographic project from the mid-1970’s was not a survey, but an attempt to make beauty from an industrial subject. The photographs were made using 35mm black-and-white infrared film, a film that worked well with Denver’s wonderful light. In 2012, I chose a number of the best images and published them in a book, “Love Letter to the Railroad Yards.” You can preview or purchase the book from blurb.com.

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Mád Synagogue, Mád,Hungary

The Mád synagogue, in Northeastern Hungary, was completely renovated in the early 21st century. Although a very small town, Mád was an important center of Hassidic Judaism. My grandmother’s cousins lived here; only one of them survived the Holocaust. I photographed the synagogue in July, 2003.


Brooklyn, New York


Istanbul, Turkey


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