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Boulder, CO


Diane Rabson

I am a writer, photographer, oral historian and archivist. Currently, I do historical research, process archival collections and work with oral history projects for businesses, organizations and individuals. I have also written a novella (“Planet Railroad”) about my time working for the Denver and Rio Grande Western Railroad

In the late 1970’s I rephotographed 225 street corners in downtown Denver that had first been chronicled in the 1930’s. Thirty years later, my collaborator Sam Fairchild and I chose to rephotograph the same street corners, creating a visual record of the transformation of a city over seven decades.

In addition, I completed a photographic portrait of the railroad yards in Denver in 1978. This area has undergone extraordinary change like so much of downtown. I published thirty of the best images from that series in a book, “Love Letter to the Railroad Yards.”


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