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A day of shooting

Today, Sam and I went down to Denver to rephotograph a few streets. We decided to do Wazee Street, starting at the intersection with Cherry Creek and moving up to 19th Street, just a block or two from Coors Field. A nice day, a beautiful day. We had lunch at the Wazee Lounge, where I used to hang out with my Metro friends in the late 70’s. Looks different inside, but brighter because the 15th Street viaduct no longer darkens the street.

Impressions compared to ’78-’79: Lodo is a busy place. Not having walked the neighborhood much over the last 25 years, I didn’t expect so many cars, so many pedestrians on a Sunday afternoon. Perhaps Arapahoe and Curtis aren’t that busy on the weekend; we’ll find out toward the end of the project.

There is a lot more visual “junk” on the streets, i.e., parked cars, signs, parking meters, traffic light poles, new/old streetlamps, viaducts, people people people. These tend to obscure the field of the image! And have I gotten shorter? I’m using the same camera from 30 years ago and couldn’t seem to back up enough. Luckily Sam had the wide-angle Canon.

One view was especially galling. The old Union Pacific building, 19th and Wynkoop, used to be very close to the tracks and the railroad yards. Now that the yards have basically been obliterated, a bus viaduct rises near the building and has made it impossible to get the same view as 19371978. Ah well. We were tired by then, and decided to call it a day.

A little kvetch: Denver is not my city anymore. I lived there from 1974-78 and three of those years were quite wonderful. Good memories.

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