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Glad to see some folks are viewing the blog! One of these days the project will be complete and Sam’s fine 2010-2012 photographs will all be available along with my 1978 photographs…all 215 of them!
I’m happy to report he’s actually going to be working in Lower Downtown!!!! (Blake and 19th) Somehow fitting for the work he’s done down there and an appreciation for the city.

Trying to say “Clocktower” instead of “D&F Tower.” (from Daniels & Fisher–old time department store, eventually merged with the May Co. to become May D&F). Am I just an old Denverite? Not a native, but a semi-native. (If anyone remembers those bumper stickers from the 80’s: [Colorado] native, semi-native, alien…semi-alien…all right getting a little punchy here.) The work I’m doing on the project now is the “back work”–the organization and checking, checking, checking of all the views. Still need to get negative contact sheets, make sure all the digital images from the CD’s are loaded on Picasa web albums (for now) and identified. Must digitize all 1978 negatives and load those with identification. Lots of work, lots of curation. Since I used to make a living as a curator, I have to be extremely thorough. This past week: 24 hours of work. This week will probably be at least 30. I’m holding June 1st as a drop-dead date for…something.

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