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To Denver today. The weather is crummy, but cloudy, which means buildings can be seen from all sides without big shadows. Nonetheless, my hands were really cold and I think slowed things down. I had to go to Starbucks for coffee and to warm my hands. Wasn’t it 85 degrees a few days ago?
I photographed or rephotographed 10 sites:
974, 052, 044, 040, 094, 929, 951, 909, 931, 045, and 910.
Feeling too short for my camera! Have to point it upwards all the time, inviting more distortion and leaning buildings. Tried to prevent getting too much foreground–i.e.,  intersection–in the pictures.
Sam’s building–Blake Street Terrace–stands out. It’s tall and visible from many intersections. Saw Sam yesterday for lunch. We noticed that Lower Downtown News is next door to the Terrace building. He may approach them with samples of our work.
The 1937 zigzag building/tower behind the Windsor Dairy Building on Blake Street is still a conundrum. I’m going to check the 1930’s maps in DPL next week to see what I can find out.

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